Craft Winemaking


Where your Craft Winemaking Experience Begins

Steveston Winemakers is where your DIY Craft Winemaking experience begins! Put your mind at ease because it’s where you’ll find DIY craft winemaking at its best. If you live in the Lower Mainland, you’ll definitely want to make your wines here.

Our customers have been crafting their wine in Steveston since January 4, 2000. Whether it’s your first winemaking experience or you’re a long-time customer, you can rely on our knowledgeable team to guide you. We’ll help you select the wines that are right for you because we take time to learn what you like. For instance, knowing what you like to eat means we can suggest pairings. Above all, we can help you make minor adjustments in the process so your wines are worthy of winning awards.


The Process

Read our blogs so you can learn how easy it is to become a vintner. You can call or drop by and see us to find out more. If you’re hesitant to commit to 30 bottles of one type of wine, team up and share the fun with your friends and family! For example, if 3 of you make 3 different batches, you’ll share 10 bottles of each each wine.


The Experience

Our store qualifies as an RJS Craft Winemaking Academy member. We earned it because are committed to providing the ultimate craft winemaking experience to every customer. Find out more about us so you’ll be comfortable with who is going to guide you through your winemaking experience. You’re sure to make Steveston Winemakers the place where your winemaking experience begins and also lasts.


The Products

When you make your own wines with us, we guarantee you’ll be happy with them. Compare to wines at 2-4 times the cost and you’ll be hooked. Homemade wines of the past have been associated with terms like “too sweet”, “gritty” or “bad”. Our products are engineered by some of the top wine producers in the world so times have changed. For instance, our products are sourced from the world’s best vineyards. You’ll see more details about our products on the ABOUT page.


The Specials

Every month, we’ll advertise new specials. If you’re interested in being added to our monthly email list, use our CONTACT page to let us know.


The Discounts

We’re committed to giving our customers the best prices possible for our products so we offer discounts. You can take advantage of our new customer discount by downloading the Web coupon, Tourism Richmond coupon or Facebook coupon. In addition, once you’ve become a customer, be sure to use our referral, loyalty and other discounts.


Wedding Wines

If you’re planning a large event, you’ll be keen to know about our wedding wines packages. They’re designed to save you money so they’re perfect for larger family events. Check these out if you’re having a large anniversary, celebration of life, engagement, family reunion, birthday, retirement or wedding event.


The Blog

Our blog covers all kinds of topics about crafting wine, events, food pairing and also other wine-related topics. One series takes you on a journey through the top wine producing regions of the world. It’s published at the beginning of each month along with our specials. Another series is on wine tasting which is guaranteed to surprise and enlighten. You can be added to our monthly email list by contacting us to let us know.


The Community

We live in a very special community and support fundraisers for the arts, dry grads, education, humanitarian trips, health initiatives, sports teams and more. It’s heartwarming to know we make a difference so the lives of others can be better. As one of our corporate values, every one of our staff are involved in volunteering.


Caring for the Environment

When your DIY winemaking experience begins, we’ll make sure you have fun while saving money. You’ll  enjoy your new home away from home experience so much, you’ll certainly want to tell your friends about it. It’s also environmentally friendly because you’ll re-use your bottles over and over again.



See what our customers say about where your winemaking experience begins…


Delicious Wedding Favours

Walking in Steveston one day, we found this place. We went into the store and were impressed by the business that Bill and Heather were doing. Our decision was made to handcraft our own wine as favours for our wedding. The winemaking process was fun. Bill and Heather were very professional, patient and friendly. The wine and ice wine turned out to be very delicious and our guests all loved it!


Quality Product and Exceptional Service

I have been so happy with the service and quality at Steveston Winemakers. Truly, I cannot wait for my visits to the store to hang out with the staff and do some bottling. The quality they have recommended to me over the years has been outstanding, even to the point that most people can’t believe it’s a ‘homemade’ product. To that end, Bill recently helped me to get my family crest on it. For someone who can trace their roots back several hundred years, believe me, the product has to represent the family well … and it does! Thank you to Bill, Heather, Paul, Egon and Alfonso.

Easy, Fun and Tasty

Steveston Winemakers is fantastic! This was our first time making wine and it’s so easy! The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, bottling was fun and the product is tasty! It’s been great having a few cases at home so we’re always ready to entertain guests or grab a bottle on our way to friends houses. We’re looking forward to our next batch!

Cristina and Rod

Awesome Place, Great People, Great Wine, Huge Savings

Initially we were slightly concerned ordering 30 bottles of one type of wine until after the first batch only lasted a few months (we were hoping it was going to last years). We’re very loyal customers and have had no complaints whatsoever plus it’s a huge savings over the liquor store! And yes the wine is very good, no hangovers!


Great Service, Great Selection, Super Clean

I’ve been coming here since 2002 and followed them when they moved from their Moncton location. For those of you accustomed to the great service you get in the USA, then you’ll also be very pleased here. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, great selection, super clean premises and fair prices so what more do you need?


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