The Past Seven Months or so

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It amazes me that it’s been more than 7 months since we became small business owners. It seems like just yesterday that the deal was signed and Heather and I were adopting the Steveston Winemakers family. As with most of our adventures, we set a goal and then break down the steps to reach that goal.

Our goal in this “Project/Adventure” was to take a sound business and bring some of our skills to bear to nurture its growth. From the beginning we wanted to make sure our Steveston Winemakers family, which includes both staff and customers, are kept informed of any changes we make and to be sure those changes are to their benefit.

To communicate effectively and on a regular basis, we needed a robust platform that would provide that vehicle – a blog on our website. Heather and I have both been using technology in various aspects of our career and felt strongly about having a website that was more than our monthly specials. Our vision is for it to be a resource for our current and future customers to help guide their wine making experience and knowledge. The fact that you are reading this means you’re interested in exploring what we have to offer.

We’re excited about what our new website is today and about our plans for the future. We encourage you to give us feedback, positive or negative, by using the CONTACT menu item or making a comment on our Facebook Page.

Back to the “Past Seven Months or so”. Where has the time gone? And more importantly, what have we done? In no particular order….

  1. Upgraded hardware and software in the store
  2. Implemented new inventory tracking, sales and production processes
  3. Implemented policies and procedures to ensure your personal information is protected
  4. Introduced a new logo
  5. Developed a new website
  6. Created a social media presence
  7. Organized a party to usher in the new owners and help Sandi and Simon set sail into official retirement
  8. Met a lot of fellow vintners
  9. Revised our brochure format
  10. Learned a lot more about wine
  11. Created business and personal relationships with our vendors
  12. Created relationships with other UVin owners
  13. Complied and cooperated with regulatory bodies (this might be a blog entry all on its own)
  14. Learned a lot about the winemaking process
  15. Washed a lot of carboys
  16. Lifted a lot of carboys
  17. …… OK, you get the point, a lot of stuff

So what’s this blog and what will it be going forward? Our goal is to take the Steveston Winemakers family on a journey through the process of making wine at our shop. From deciding which wine you want to start to modifying the standard recipe to packing your final product and showing the world or your closest friends what an amazing DIY product you can create.


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