We like to hold events because the best part of owning a store in the village is spending time with our customers. Our events usually involve food, prizes and refreshments. DIY winemakers can share each others’ winemaking experiences and learn about customizing their wines. They can also mingle with the owners and staff in a casual setting and ask questions. In our giftware section, shoppers can find unique and practical anniversary, birthday, shower, wedding or seasonal gifts. Become a customer so you’ll be invited to all our events!

In Store Experience


Make your own event when you come into the store by checking out our new in store experience. In the retail area, there’s a wine rack filled with all the personalized wine labels you can use. On top you’ll find our Art of Craft Winemaking display and have a chance to treat your senses to different oak aromas. There’s also some educational info about ingredients that may go into your wines and why.

2019 Customer Appreciation Days


A new twist on this event, it was for 3 full days instead of half a day!  A most delicious Acai Raspberry Rapture unfermented wine was served while customers browsed and bought wine. The best deals of the year were offered along with 2 free Platinum En Primeur Winery Series batches.

Girls Night Out


An annual November favourite,  ladies can have some fun doing their holiday shopping together. At Steveston Winemakers, shoppers can taste some unfermented wine (the juice before yeast is added) so they get an idea of the flavours the wine will have. They’ll find lots of gifts for the wine enthusiasts on their list. Almost every store and restaurant in the village are open and have special discounts that evening.

Passing the Torch


Bill and Heather take over the helm as Sandi and Simon sail into retirement. Customers for 18 years, they’re excited about becoming more involved in this very special community. The new owners also volunteer in the business and residential RCMP Block Watch Program.