We like to hold events because the best part of owning a store in the village is spending time with our customers. Our events usually involve food, prizes and refreshments. DIY winemakers can share each others’ winemaking experiences and learn about customizing their wines. They can also mingle with the owners and staff in a casual setting and ask questions. In our giftware section, shoppers can find unique and practical anniversary, birthday, shower, wedding or seasonal gifts. Become a customer so you’ll be invited to all our events!

July and August 2021 Customer Appreciation

Customer Appreciation

June 2021 Doors Open Online

We’re excited to be participating in Doors Open Online again this year. Join us online from June 5th to 12th to learn about the evolution of winemaking, meet our team and find out more about how you can make your own wines.

Event - Doors Open 1
2021 Doors Open - Wine Kit
2021-06 Doors Open - Bottling
2021 Doors Open - World of Wine
2021 Doors Open - Pairings

May/June 2021 Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Draws


We appreciate the loyalty of our customers so much that we’re having a draw on Mother’s Day and on Father’s Day for a free wine kit!

For Mother’s Day, all customers who made wine on our premises from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2021 will automatically go into the draw. For Father’s Day, all customers who made wine on our premises from June 1, 2019 to May 31, 2021 will automatically go into the draw.

The winner can pick a red, white or rosé wine kit of their choice from the RJS Craft Winemaking series including:

  • Winery Series (Platinum)
  • Cru Select (Gold)
  • Cru International (Silver)
  • Heritage Estates (Bronze)
The draws will take place on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and the winners will be contacted by phone or email.

December 2020 Richmond Food Bank Fundraiser


The Richmond Food Bank serves over 2,200 people in average every week.  It’s not government funded so they rely on our community donating to help our neighbours in need. Every dollar goes a long way because it means they can distribute about $6 worth of food. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we’re noticing lineups at the food bank growing.

Here’s how both our customers and Steveston Winemakers helped make a difference for those in our community struggling to put food on the table for their families. For every kit on sale that was sold, we matched the discount and donated it to the food bank. Customers also chose to forego their discount, which donated too!

2020 Holiday Window Contest


We’re delighted to participate in the City of Richmond’s Holiday Window Display Contest again this year. We hope everyone enjoys our Christmas Cheer theme. It’s meant to brighten up your mood with pretty lights and also lots of funny wine sayings. You can vote for us either on Facebook.com/RichmondBC or by email to info@tourismrichmond.com. Watch for photos to be posted and vote for us – lucky number 13 on the map.
Holiday Window - Day Angle
Holiday Window - Night Angle
Holiday Window - Wine Sign
Holiday Window - Stockings
Holiday Window - Christmas Cheer

2020 Steveston Scarecrow Crawl


The Steveston Scarecrow Crawl is a great opportunity to get outside and explore Steveston. For the entire month of October come and check out our adorable Scarecrow “Corky”. She’s had a makeover and used her corkscrew lures to catch quite a few fish and also some other treasures. Take a selfie and upload it to your social media pages. Make it fun and show off your smiles and sense of humour. We’ve put the social media tags are on a sign around Corky’s neck and can’t wait to see your photos!

Events-2020 Steveston Scarecrow Crawl - Corky Head Shot
Event-2020 Steveston Scarecrow Crawl - Corkys Bounty
Events-2020 Steveston Scarecrow Crawl - Corkys Catch on Barrel
Events-2020 Steveston Scarecrow Crawl - Corky's Catch on Base
Events-2020 Steveston Scarecrow Crawl - Corky Selfie Tags

20th Anniversaries


2020 is very special. It means we’re celebrating FIVE 20th Anniversaries! First, Steveston Winemakers has been in business for 20 years. Second, the owners have been doing DIY craft winemaking here for 20 years. Third, the RJS Restricted Quantities program has been running for 20 years. Fourth, the owners have been living in Steveston for 20 years. Lastly, the owners have been together for 20 years.

We wanted to share the joy so we teamed up with RJS Craft Winemaking to create an unforgettable virtual event in June. Over 5 days, there are 100 prizes – 20 for each anniversary. Prizes range from $10 to $225  and all current Steveston Winemakers (except staff) are automatically in the draw. Congratulations to all winners!

20th Anniversary - In Business in Steveston
20th Anniversary - DIY Craft Winemaking
20th Anniversary - RQ Program
20th Anniversary Living in Steveston
20th Anniversary

2020 Doors Open


Doors Open Online, which takes you behind the scenes at our facility, shows you our wine production area. First, take a video tour and also learn about the winemaking process from start to finish. Finally, you’ll see how DIY winemaking is an art that’s also a fun, green and safe craft. Check out our FAQs for more info.

Welcome to Doors Open
Doors Open Fun
Doors Open Green DIY
Doors Open Safety
Doors Open Flashback

2019 Festival of Trees


Christmas Cheer! That’s the name of the Steveston Winemakers Christmas Tree at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Festival of Trees. We hope you vote for our tree and it adds some Christmas Cheer to your holidays. Admission is free on Cannery Farmers’ Market Sundays (Dec. 1, 8 & 15). Bring a donation for the Richmond Food Bank to receive a voting token. Regular admission applies on all other days. A token to vote for your favourite tree is included with admission. If you bring a donation for the Richmond Food Bank, you’ll receive another voting token. Vote for Christmas Cheer!

2019 Winter in the Village


We’re delighted to participate in the City of Richmond’s Winter Window Display Contest. Pick up your ballots at Steveston Winemakers on your tour of winter window displays throughout the village from November 21st through December 31st. Ballots can be dropped off at the Steveston Museum, Steveston Tram or Britannia Shipyards. We hope you enjoy and vote for our #authenticsteveston display!

2019 Girls Night Out


This annual November favourite gets better every year as ladies get a night out to shop for the holidays! At Steveston Winemakers, shoppers can taste some unfermented wine (the juice before yeast is added) so they get an idea of the flavours the wine will have. They’ll find lots of gifts for the wine enthusiasts on their list. Almost every store and restaurant in the village are open and have special discounts that evening. Gearing up for 2020, we had to have a “Roaring Twenties” photo booth. Guessing how many corks fit in a huge glass carboy was fun too. Congratualtions to Nicole who won a Napa divided picnic cooler with cheesboard and corkscrew for guessing closest to the correct number!

2019 Scarecrow Crawl & Trick or Treat


We love to participate in the annual Steveston Scarecrow Crawl and Trick or Treat events. Owners, Hawkeye (Bill) and Hotlips (Heather) manned the doling out of what some called “their favourite” treats to over 400 kids dressed in some amazing costumes. Everyone had fun with Corky, including his girlfriend and a potential wine thief. 

In Store Experience


Make your own event when you come into the store by checking out our new in store experience. In the retail area, there’s a wine rack filled with all the personalized wine labels you can use. On top you’ll find our Art of Craft Winemaking display and have a chance to treat your senses to different oak aromas. There’s also some educational info about ingredients that may go into your wines and why.

2019 Customer Appreciation Days


A new twist on this event, it was for 3 full days instead of half a day!  A most delicious Acai Raspberry Rapture unfermented wine was served while customers browsed and bought wine. The best deals of the year were offered along with 2 free Platinum En Primeur Winery Series batches.

2018 Girls Night Out


An annual November favourite,  ladies can have some fun doing their holiday shopping together. At Steveston Winemakers, shoppers can taste some unfermented wine (the juice before yeast is added) so they get an idea of the flavours the wine will have. They’ll find lots of gifts for the wine enthusiasts on their list. Almost every store and restaurant in the village are open and have special discounts that evening.

Passing the Torch


Bill and Heather take over the helm as Sandi and Simon sail into retirement. Customers for 18 years, they’re excited about becoming more involved in this very special community. The new owners also volunteer in the business and residential RCMP Block Watch Program.