Watching our videos will help you learn more about the winemaking process, wines, grapes, regions and more. 

  • Learn what it takes to become a Steveston Winemaker – it’s so easy, you will hardly believe it!
  • Find our what countries grapes are sourced from for our wine kits
  • Get ideas for crafting your own wedding wines, including all your wedding-related events from engagement to bridal party thank yous
  • See how to start the fermentation process and pour the love into your wines
  • Check out the bottling process and see how quick and easy it is
  • Enjoy our Canada Day video – bet you can’t watch and listen without singing along!

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Become a Steveston Winemaker

Starting fermentation

A world of wine awaits you

Bottling is fun

Craft your own wedding wines

Bottling is fun