Watch our videos to learn more about the DIY craft winemaking process, wines, grapes, regions and more. 

  • Learn what it takes to become a Steveston Winemaker – it’s so easy, you will hardly believe it!
  • Find our what countries grapes are sourced from for our wine kits
  • Get ideas for crafting your own wedding wines, including all your wedding-related events from engagement to bridal party thank yous
  • See how to start the fermentation process and pour the love into your DIY wines
  • Check out the bottling process and see how quick and easy it is
  • Enjoy our Canada Day video – bet you can’t watch and listen without singing along!


We think it’s important for you to be informed before committing to making a batch of 30 bottles of wine. You don’t have to transition to DIY winemaking exclusively because you may still want to treat yourself with your favourite commercial wines. Our wines have won international awards so you can count on a quality product. If you’re worried about storage space or you want variety, you can team up with friends. Lots of customers do this. Most are teams of 3 who make 3 different wines and each person takes home 10 bottles from each batch. Depending on the wines, this may be a perfect opportunity to experiment by making blends. That’s how we won our latest international silver medal. 


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