Special Occasion Packages

Our special occasion wine packages are perfect for your anniversary, celebration of life, engagement, family or school reunion, birthday, retirement or wedding. Our special occasion wine packages are designed to save you money so making your own wines for the special occasions in your life is easy and affordable. Plan well in advance so your wines have enough time to age before the event. Some white wines need up to 3 and reds up to 8 months after bottling. Your guests will be so impressed with your wines, they will want to make their own!


We do personalized consultations on the basic package:
  • Selecting the right wines for your guests
  • Determining quantities needed based on number of guests
  • Customizing your labels

Prices *

Thirty 750 ml (full size) wine bottles – great for reds, whites and rosés:
  • $195  Bronze
  • $210  Silver
  • $225  Gold
  • $255  Platinum
Sixty 375 ml (half size) wine bottles – great for dessert and ice wine styles:
  • $235  Bronze
  • $250  Silver
  • $265  Gold
  • $295  Platinum

Minimum 2 batches

* Cannot be combined with any other advertised specials or discounts 

* Limited editions excluded


Each 750 ml wine bottle holds 25 ounces or five servings of wine at five ounces each. 
How much you’ll need depends on:
  • how many adult guests are attending
  • whether it’s a wine-drinking crowd
  • time of year
  • time of day
  • menu

It’s always better to have a little more than not enough.

What’s included?

Each basic package is complete with no hidden costs or fees, including:
  • your selection of redwhite, rosé, mistdessert or ice wines from our regular menu
  • our winery fees
  • regular bottles
  • corks
  • personalized wine labels
  • tastefully matched shrink caps
  • a special gift courtesy of Steveston Winemakers

Added touches


Make it even more special with some added touches like:

  • Customized labels
  • Organza bags for favours
  • Hand painted wine glasses
  • Wooden wine crates (15 bottle capacity)

Prices will be quoted 1 month prior to the event.



Here’s what some of our customers have done:

  • Mist and rosé wines for their daytime engagement party
  • Red and white wines for their evening dinner
  • Dessert and ice wines to accompany desserts
  • Half bottles for wedding favours
  • Personalized wine labels incorporating the bride’s name with the white grape varietal and the groom’s with the red
  • Used their own customized wine labels

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