Seasonal Releases

Take advantage of our seasonal releases! These wines align with the lead time needed so you can enjoy your wines in the season you want to. It may seem hard to imagine making a white wine in August that you’ll be serving at Christmas but winemaking needs planning so make sure you plan ahead.


Planning Ahead

If you’re making Platinum or Gold series red wines, you’ll want to start fermentation 8 months in advance. If you’re making Platinum or Gold series white wines, you’ll want to start fermentation 5 months in advance. For more information, check out our FAQ page for “How long should my wine be aged after bottling?


Seasonal Releases

Be sure to check this page every month to see if there are new seasonal releases so you can get your wines before they sell out. Even at our regular prices you’re saving a bundle of money on your wines over liquor store prices.


Not a Customer Yet?

DIY craft winemaking is so easy! If you are reading this for the first time, jump to the bottom to find out how much you can save when you become a Steveston Winemaker. It’s a fun experience that only takes about 45 minutes in total for 30 bottles of wine. There’s also no tax on the wine you produce. That’s because you’re the manufacturer. Even though we help you with the process, all you pay tax on is the corks, labels, shrink caps and our winery fees which works out to just over a few dollars.


Current Seasonal Release

Seasonal Release - Apres Dessert Wine

Après Dessert Wine

Rich and warm with flavours of fig, plum and chocolate makes this a bold and distinctive dessert wine. The perfect way to complete a meal and pairs very nicely with blue cheese and walnuts. This 6-week dessert wine is also beautiful when fortified.

Oak: Medium

Body: Full

Sweetness: Sweet

Alcohol: ~17%



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