Red Wines

Our tantalizing red wines come in a wide selection of varietals and blends sourced from world renowned vineyards. DIY craft winemaking gives you the opportunity to explore the world of wine on any budget. From sophisticated to everyday table wines, you’re sure to find what you need here.


Choosing Your Red Wines

If you’re looking for rich, complex red wines, select from our Platinum or Gold series and expect to age them longer after bottling. Most of our reds are dry but we have a few that are off-dry. If you’re looking for an everyday red wine, select from our Silver or Bronze series. These need less time to age after bottling so you can enjoy them sooner.

Your personally crafted red wines will stand up against many commercial products at 2-4 times the price. The next time you’re having a wine and cheese party, do a blind wine-tasting and prepare to surprise and delight your guests.

Click on any wine name below to learn about its aromas, flavours, varietals, oak, body and sweetness. Still can’t decide? Call or pop into the store to talk to one of our experienced staff and they will help.

Looking for something else?

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll try to bring it in for you.