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Wedding Wines

Congratulations on your engagement!

We’re here to help you knock one of the biggest items off your wedding checklist – the wedding wines
Our wedding packages are perfect for all of your wedding events. For example, the engagement party, wedding shower, rehearsal dinner or any other special events leading up to your wedding day. We carry a wide variety of wines, from budget friendly to high quality vineyard and country oriented wines so there’s something for everyone.

Save and Enjoy

Designed to save you money, our wedding packages will save you up to 75% compared to equivalent commercial wines. Crafting your own wines for the special occasions in your life doesn’t require a big time commitment and it’s also fun.

Plan Ahead

Plan well in advance so your wines have enough time to age before the event. Some white wines need up to 3 and reds up to 6 months after bottling so starting them 8 or more months ahead is perfect. Your guests will be so impressed with your wines, they’ll want to make their own!
Get your fellow event organizers involved by making the bottling a social event. For example, your wedding party.


We do personalized consultations on the basic package:
  • Selecting the right wines for your guests
  • Determining quantities needed based on number of adult guests
  • Personalizing your labels

Prices *

Thirty 750 ml (full size) wine bottles which are great for red, white and rosé dinner table wines:
  • $230  Silver (basic)
  • $235  Silver (with grape skins)
  • $270  Gold
  • $300  Platinum
Sixty 375 ml (half size) wine bottles which are great for wedding favours using red and white dinner table wines:
  • $345  Silver (basic)
  • $355  Silver (with grape skins)
  • $385  Gold
  • $420  Platinum

Prices are per batch and a package requires a minimum of 2 batches.

* Cannot be combined with any other specials or discounts


A 750 ml wine bottle holds 25 ounces or five servings of wine at five ounces each.
How much you’ll need depends on:
  • number of adult guests are attending
  • whether it’s a wine-drinking crowd
  • time of year
  • if it’s a daytime or evening event
  • your menu

It’s always better to have a little more than not enough so follow these steps to estimate your needs:

  • Calculate how many people will be drinking at the event
  • Multiply this number by four drinks per person
  • Divide number of drinks by five 
  • Divide number of bottles by 30 to determine the number of batches and then round up
For example:
100 wine drinking guests attending
100 x 4 standard drinks = 400 standard drinks
400 / 5 (5 glasses per 750ml bottle) = 80 bottles of wine
80/30 750ml bottles per batch = 2.67 or 3 batches of wine will be needed 
Therefore, you could make one batch of red wine, one batch of white wine, and one batch of rosé wine.

What’s included?

Each basic package is complete with no hidden costs or fees, including:
  • your selection of red, white or rosé wines in the Winery Series, Cru Select or Cru International brands
  • our winery fees
  • wine bottles (375 ml or 750 ml clear or green)
  • corks
  • personalized wine labels 
  • tastefully matched shrink caps in a variety of colours


Here’s what some of our customers have done:

  • Red and white wines for their evening dinner
  • Half bottles of the dinner table wines for wedding favours
  • Personalized wine labels incorporating the bride’s name with the white grape varietal and the groom’s with the red
  • Used their own customized wine labels

Find more ideas about wedding wines here.


Your wine is a celebration and a reflection of you so have some fun and create a lasting impression of your handcrafted wine on labels designed by you. We use Macday labels and software so you can always download their software and play with it. Be sure to check which labels we have in stock before starting your design. Then, all you need to do is send us your file and we’ll have the labels ready for you when you come to bottle your wines.

You’re always welcome to purchase your own elsewhere or use ones you have created yourselves.

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