On January 16, 2018, Sandi and Simon Wosk were officially passing the torch to us, over a glass of wine, of course.

It’s thrilling to take over the helm of Steveston Winemakers from them. The staff and the warm, friendly atmosphere are the makings of a perfect family business near our home. We’ve felt like family since we became customers in 2001 and we want to make all our customers feel that way too. It’s our chance to become even more involved in our charming community of Steveston.

A celebration was held at the store on March 3, 2018 so customers and staff a chance to bid the Wosks a bon voyage into retirement. Well attended, there were hugs, sushi, mini donuts, tea, coffee, some unfermented wine and flowers so everyone had a good time.

We plan to keep things the same as much as possible. The experienced staff will continue to help you make the outstanding wines you’ve become accustomed to. With our technology backgrounds, efficiencies we introduce should be transparent to you as our customer.

It’s all about community – our customers. fellow merchants, neighbourhood and team. Our family. 

Thanks to Sandi and Simon for passing the torch to us.