Craft Winemaking 101 - Free Virtual Course

We’re excited to be offering you a free virtual course – Craft Winemaking 101. Originally conceived as a quarterly in-person event, our Craft Winemaking 101 course morphed into a virtual one because of COVID-19. Many organizations are offering free courses during the pandemic so we decided to do the same. Don’t worry, there are no assignments, no exams and your quiz results are not being graded or assessed.


Who should take the course?


This course is designed for anyone interested in learning how DIY craft wine is made. Even if you already make your own wine at home or at a U-Vin, you’ll probably learn something new.


What’s in the course?


First, the course opens with a welcome from the owners. Also, you’ll find out how the course works and there’s a short survey so we can find out what your winemaking experience is.


Second, you’ll go through an introduction to craft winemaking and learn why people craft their own wine. We provide resources that will help you decide which wines you want to make. Then there’s a short review and quiz.


Third, you’ll learn if craft winemaking is an art or a science. You’ll find out what’s in a typical red wine kit and also a white one. Again, there’s a short review and quiz.


Fourth, you’ll learn a bit about the laws and starting your wine which is when you become a vintner. We reveal what the Winemaster does behind the scenes to make sure your wine progresses well so it’s the best quality possible. You’ll find out what happens in the process of finishing your product and also some options you have. Guess what? Yes, there’s another short review and quiz.


Finally, you’ll go on a tour of the winery and also find out about your fellow winemakers. This is when we ask for your feedback and congratulate you on completing the course.


Does it take long?


The course is very easy to navigate so you’ll pick it up quickly. Most people get through the course in about 30 minutes. There are no exams or tests because we want you to have fun learning. Best of all, when you’re finished, we’ll send you a thank you gift if you give us your Canadian address.


To access the course, click the button below.