Personalized and Customized Labels


Your wine is a celebration and a reflection of you so have some fun and create a lasting impression of your handcrafted wine on labels designed by you.


Options for labels



Personalizing your labels is done by choosing one of our beautiful blank templates and adding your own words. Have some fun and use your imagination! You can get as creative and as personal as you want to. 


Alternatively, you can provide us with your artwork and we’ll produce them for you. Starting with a blank white canvas, we can print just about any image. If you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, we may be able to use a photo to print a baby picture of the guest of honour on the label. We’ll add whatever words you’d like in fonts commonly available in Microsoft software.

Use your own

You’re always welcome to use labels purchased elsewhere or ones you have created yourselves.


Types of labels 



High quality peel and stick adhesive paper labels release from the bottle after soaking for just 30 seconds in tap hot water and there’s no glue residue.

Dry peel removable clear labels allow the colour of the wine to show through the label.


You can use fonts commonly available in Microsoft software. Words will print only in black. Thinner fonts will not print well in small point sizes.


Special Events

If you’re having a large event, check out our all inclusive Special Occasion Packages. If your event is a wedding, check out My Wedding Wine for a full suite of ideas.

Even though DIY winemaking is easy, you took time to make your wines so take pride in presenting them! Whatever option you choose, it’s easy, fun and economical.