Limited Editions

Limited editions for a limited time! Take this opportunity to make outstanding premium wines.


About Our Limited Editions

These classic varietals and charismatic blends are sourced from some of the world’s most renowned wine producing regions. You’ll be so pleased with the results that your friends and family will find it hard to believe you made it! Go ahead and brag about it – you’ve earned bragging rights. It’s easy to compare these wines to commercial ones that cost 4 times as much. Be sure to take advantage of our Friends and Family discount if your friends decide to start their DIY craft winemaking experience.



The bulk of these wines are released from December through April each year. Every so often, we are able to get limited editions outside this time frame so be sure to check this page once a month for updates. If you’re not already subscribed to receive our monthly emails, contact us with your name and email address.



All of these outstanding premium wines will benefit from aging. For the reds, you need to age them after bottling for at least 6 months. Some may take even longer. For the whites, you need to age them for at least 3 months. Once they have aged, open a bottle and try it. Do this once a month until  you find your “sweet spot” or the point at which the wine suits your tastes. Everyone is different so for one person this may happen earlier than for another.

This season’s lineup is selling out fast so come on in to make these outstanding premium wines before they’re all gone!

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