Award-Winning Wines

Our wines and beers win awards in local and international competitions which may be why we’re recognized by our customers and vendors for quality and service excellence. At Steveston Winemakers, you can expect the best DIY winemaking experience possible so you can win awards too!


Best of Richmond – Best Winery – The Peoples’ Winery

We are delighted that so many of our customers and others in Richmond voted for us in the Best of Richmond contest in the Winery Category. After all, we are “the peoples’ winery and we strive to delivery the best DIY Craft Winemaking experience anywhere. Thank you everyone for this honour!

Awards - Best of Richmond - Winery


Another Silver Medal

The 2019 International Amateur Winemaking Competition results are out and Bill wins a Silver Medal! Creating a winner can be done by accident or instict. At the end of a bottling session, we said “Let’s combine 2 homework bottles into one and invent an amazing blend”. Who knew that, up against thousands of other entries, it would win a silver medal!

For us, there’s no doubt that blending any wine with Carménère has potential to win awards. We call this one Carménègro so you can easily guess what the blend is. Just in case you can’t, it’s the RQ Prestige Carménère and the LE17 Negroamaro. Winning this award is getting our creative juices flowing about the next blend to enter in the competition so we can win again.

The RQ Carménère is new on our regular menu this year in the Winery Series so we’re sure to use again some day.



Awards from our Vendors

We’re delighted to be a member of the RJS Craft Winemaking Academy! Members are selected by our vendor (RJS) because they provide excellent products and services to their customers. The Academy is a community of Canada’s best and most passionate in the industry. We qualify because we’re committed to providing the ultimate DIY craft winemaking experience to every customer. We meet consistent high standards for cleanliness, product quality and service which translates into great wines and happy customers.

Our hard work pays off and as a result, our pride and passion is recognized. We will continue to provide our customers with the best experience possible.



Awards from our Customers

Reader’s Choice Awards are now called Best of Richmond. Customers vote for their favourite places to do business, validating which ones are truly the best. While the UBrew and UVin category was part of this annual event, our customers voted and we won 15 years in a row. We appreciate your votes because they allow us to be recognized.

The UBrew and UVin category is going to be added to the Best of Richmond so keep an eye out for it. We’ll send our customers a reminder to vote when it happens.