Dessert & Ice Wine Styles

Elevate your senses at dinner parties by finishing them off with impressive dessert and ice wine styles. We’ll refer to both of these as dessert wines which can be served as your dessert or as an accompaniment. Serve your white dessert wines chilled or cold and your red dessert wines at room temperature or slightly chilled. Dessert wines are sweet and are usually served with something less sweet like fresh or poached fruits, cheeses or almond biscuits. Some also pair well with sweet desserts or as part of the recipe. For example, vanilla bean ice cream topped with Raspberry Mocha. 

If you fortify your dessert wine with a distilled spirit like brandy, it will be higher in alcohol. Adding alcohol earlier in the fermentation process will result in a sweeter wine. If you add it shortly before or after the end of fermentation, it will be drier.

Plan ahead and make your next DIY craft winemaking experience focused on gift-giving. Make dessert wines for Christmas gifts, customer appreciation gifts or wedding favours. Some selections are subject to seasonal availability. 

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