Community Charity Wigs for Kids

For a Good Cause


The journey begins

The journey started when we were hiding from COVID-19 in our homes, venturing out for necessities and nothing else.  A visit to the barbershop definitely didn’t fit into that category.

A few vaccines in we became adventurous and started resuming some of our normal habits.  By the time a visit to a barbershop was “safe”, my hair had acquired some healthy length.

It was right around that time I saw some advertising about Wigs for Kids and decided I would continue until I had the requisite length of 10 inches.


The journey continues

With my impending fishing trip and having long enough hair, I had my first hair cut in 48 months.  I was pleased that my hair was a lot longer than the 10 inch minimum. The barber said it was a healthy length and he did a great job to maximize the cut.


And in the end

How do I feel? Incredibly good about my plan coming to fruition. Will I miss it?  Short answer “no”.  Showers will be shorter, water bill will be smaller, the wind will no longer blow it in my face and fewer hairs will attempt to become part of my meal.


I hope that whoever inherits my locks will experience better behavior from them.


Thank you to Bev Friesen and Collective Beauty Studio for making this happen. I’m happy to have supported the cause in this way and Steveston Winemakers was delighted to make a contribution to the online auction.