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Wine Cocktails


Below, you’ll find recipes for all our favourite cocktails. We’ve focused on single varietals but blends will also work. Our preference is to enjoy the depth and complexity of the blends on their own. Give these recipes a try!

Learn more about our wines by checking out our wines page. When a wine piques your interest, call or drop into the store to talk to one of our experienced staff. We guarantee our wines and with hundreds of happy customers, you can’t go wrong.

If you’re worried about having room for 30 bottles of wine, get a group of friends together and share the cost.


Our Favourite Cocktails

These are some of our favourite cocktails to make with our DIY wines which we hope you’ll enjoy trying.


Red Wine Cocktails

Amarone Wine Cocktail – Winter Warmer

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Cocktail – Blackberry Winetini

Malbec Wine Cocktail – Black Velvet Smoothie

Merlot Wine Cocktail – Bishops Punch

Nebbiolo Wine Cocktail – Steveston Slide

Pinot Noir Wine Cocktail – Pinot Rita

Rosso Grande Wine Cocktail – Festive Fling

Sangiovese Wine Cocktail – Purple Moon

Shiraz or Syrah Wine Cocktail – Eyeball Highball

Valpola Wine Cocktail – Red Wine Caesar

Zinfandel Wine Cocktail – Tipsy Elf Punch


Rosé and Blush Wine Cocktails


White Wine Cocktails

Chardonnay Wine Cocktail – Blush Rush

Chenin Blanc Wine Cocktail – Summer Sunset

Gewürztraminer Wine Cocktail – Ocean Breeze

Müller-Thurgau Wine Cocktail – Steveston Fizz

Muscat Wine Cocktail – White Sangria

Pinot Grigio Wine Cocktail – Pinot Greenio

Riesling Wine Cocktail – Pineapple Coconut Colada

Sauvignon Blanc Wine Cocktail – Citrus Mai Tai

Verdicchio Wine Cocktail – Honey Do

Viognier Wine Cocktail – Lemon Curl Spritzer