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Cooking With Wine - Raspberry Creamsicles

Cooking With Wine – Raspberry Creamsicles


A new way of cooking with wine

Welcome to our blog series on cooking with wine in which we continue our culinary adventure with a recipe for Raspberry Creamsicles. This fun dessert is great in any season. You’ll need to have popsicle molds before you start.

Before we begin, there’s one thing that we find really handy and that’s to know a few things up front. First, how long will it take to prep, cook, set aside, refrigerate, etc. before it’s ready to eat? Second, how many people will it serve? Lastly, the grocery list.


Nice to know details

As a general rule, allow for:

  • 10 – 15 minutes preparation
  • 7 – 8 hours set aside in freezer
  • Makes 6 half cup popsicles


Grocery List

  • Pinot Noir red wine (1 bottle)
  • Cranberry raspberry juice (1 cup)
  • Sweet coconut milk (1 cup)
  • Whole fresh raspberries (6 ounces)


Make the Creamsicles

These are so easy to make, you might want to make 2 batches at once!

  • Place 1 cup of Pinot Noir red wine, 1 cup of cranberry raspberry juice and 1 cup of sweet coconut milk into a pitcher
  • Stir to mix well
  • Place a few whole raspberries into each popsicle mold
  • Pour the liquid mixture into the molds
  • Place the lid on each mold and place a popsicle stick into each one
  • Freeze until solid, about 7 – 8 hours



  • Place ice cubes in a large serving bowl
  • Remove the raspberry creamsicles from the freezer
  • Run some hot water over the molds, remove the creamsicles and place them over the ice
  • Sprinkle the remaining raspberries over top and serve immediately



We recommend serving this dessert with the same dry red wine used in the recipe. It’s always best to serve the same wine used during cooking. This helps to enhance both the flavours in the dish and also the wine.



  • You can use sweetened condensed milk instead of coconut milk
  • To add some contrast, you can sprinkle mint leaves over the creamsicles in the bowl


We hope you enjoy this post on Cooking With Wine – Raspberry Creamsicles

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